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Tools to help data vendors offer more value and generate more revenue

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Get connected with our network of vendors

Offer more to your customers

Build a natural language interface for your customers to interact with your data. Drive more engagement and close more deals with a simple to use interface for your data product.

Integrate seamlessly with multiple vendors

We build data transformation models that make it easy for data consumers to get the information they need from any number of sources. Easily offer cross sells and products from other data providers without the headache of integration.

Monetize your data

We work with data vendors around the globe to make selling data online simple and seamless

From information to income

Automated ETL

Your data assets are automatically distributed to the purchasers you have approved

Dedicated support

Our team will guide you through the entire process


Monetization for all tech stacks

Security and compliance

With robust digital security and anonymization, your data assets are safe with us